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Thursday, 17 May 2018

Top Three Mediterranean Foods That Can Make Your Mouth Water

Mediterranean Foods like Falafel, Hummus and Shawarma are prepared using fresh ingredients and Olive Oil.

As the name suggests, Mediterranean Cuisine you must be guessing this is something associated with very healthy ingredients. Surely, the crucial feature of this cuisine is that it adapts to the various styles of healthy foods with ease. The ingredients are fresh and the meat that is used is Kosher. Moreover, you will be able to taste the mixture of Israeli and Middle Eastern dishes away from your home.
In this article we will discuss the following dishes:
  1. Falafels
  2. Hummus
  3. Shawarma
These three dishes are so much popular that you can go inside any Kosher/ healthy restaurant and order it. If you have never tried anything Mediterranean then you must give it a try. But for those who are trying to make it at home here is a recipe.
Recipe for preparing the falafels
  • Firstly, you need to soak the chickpeas overnight. Thus, they will increase in terms of their size.
  • Mix these chickpeas with chopped onions, parsley, garlic cloves, pepper, cumin, salt, and cardamom. Then add all of these in a processor. Make a fine and thick paste out of it. You have to be extra careful while doing this. You must not overdo the entire process as that may turn it into a hummus. But also you have to make sure that the paste holds itself together and does not fall off when you are trying to fry them.
  • Once you are done with the paste, keep it in a refrigerator for an hour. Also, do not forget to cover the container with a plastic wrap.
  • You may also add a little amount of baking soda to it. It will make the falafels very fluffy. But even if you do not add the baking soda, it won’t make much difference. It is because the falafels are fluffy anyway.
  • Next, fill a skillet with enough vegetable oil to cover your falafel balls completely. Fry the balls very nicely until they are golden brown. That’s it! The awesome and lip-smacking falafels are absolutely ready.
Recipe for preparing the hummus
  • The main ingredient in order to prepare hummus is sesame seeds.
  • So, the first step is to grind the sesame seeds in a blender or mixer with proper care. Your main aim would be to form a fine powder out of it.
  • Also, you have to add ground chickpeas, all the spices along with pepper and salt.
  • Then add lemon juice and olive oil to it.
  • Make a thick and an even paste out of it. You can serve it with warm pita bread or falafels and shawarma.
Recipe for making Shawarma
  • The main thing about the preparation of Shawarma is to marinate the chicken slices with care and precision.
  • Marinate the chicken slices with spices, olive oil, salt and black pepper. Keep it for an hour. Cover it with a plastic wrap and place this in a refrigerator for an hour. It makes the spices get inside the chicken properly. Thus, you get a rich taste out of the Chicken shawarma.
  • Spread olive oil on the grill. Then thread the chicken slices on the wooden skewers.
  • Let the chicken cook for about 20 minutes. Then let it cool. Once the chicken cools down, cut it into small pieces like the shawarma pieces.
  • Now cook these small pieces of chicken in a frying pan and with oil. Now smell it, and taste it your chicken Shawarma is ready!
So, this is all about the most popular Mediterranean dishes that you would certainly love. Falafels are the most popular food among the people in the United States. The chickpeas are a great source of protein. Coming to Shawarma, you can just have this food with Pita bread dipping it in Tahini. When we speak about hummus we just know one thing it is healthy. Hence, the Mediterranean dishes are not only a nourishing meal. But these are also a succulent must-have foods.