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Friday, 4 May 2018

Looking For An Experienced Hair Extension Specialist?

Many people are wondering if there are any good and reputed hair extension salons available locally to them and hence they ask a common question “Is there a good hair extension specialist available near me?”. Most people don’t want to travel too far afield when getting them ideally. The best thing you can do is pop in to google “Hair extension specialist near me”. This will bring up lots of hair extension salons or independent hair extension technicians close by. While the list that pops up doesn’t mean that everyone who comes up on your google search is good. It is important that you take time to look a little deeper and pin down the specific things that you want and find your preferred hair extension technician or salon that you want to and willing to put your trust in.

There are some truly amazing hair extension specialists out there that have many years of experience. Technicians such as Louise Bailey. Louise has been transforming her clients hair for over a decade and has a 5 star reputation achieved by hard work and consistently amazing work. Her clients always feel like they have had a true VIP experience. Louise has also gone a step further and built her own brand of clip in hair extensions too. This way she can offer a less permanent option for her valued clients if she needs to.

Louise independently covers London and Essex working for some prestigious salons based centrally in Mayfair and Knightsbridge. She offers a individual bespoke service to all of her clients. She believes that no two heads are the same so you can not have a blanket prices and service across the board. Everyone’s hair needs to be looked at individually to ensure that their hair is completely suitable and that Louise can deliver the best possible finish for every single one of her clients.

There are some extremely important points that Louise bailey advises that all good hair extension specialists should take seriously to ensure that every single one of their clients leave feeling a million dollars.

Colour Matching:

Colour matching is so unbelievably vital to getting your clients brand new hair extensions looking seamlessly natural. Your client should ensure that they have had their colour or roots done prior to the initial consultation. This will ensure that during the consultation the hair extension technician is able to colour match to the clients true colour. You would be surprised how many clients have had a consultation and colour match and then decided a few days before their fitting appointment to get their colour topped up and possibly even change their colour all together and then fail to inform their hair extension technician. While many hair extension technicians seem like they work magic they are definitely not psychic!


The application of hair extensions is an important aspect of getting new hair. How the extensions are applied can make or break the experience for the client. They need to be applied so that they sit comfortably in the clients head with the correct amount of natural hair to hair extension ratio. This will ensure that the hair extensions do not pull on the clients own hair and cause tension and pain. If any type of hair extensions are applied incorrectly they can damage the clients natural hair causing bald patches or tension spots. This is where the hair extension specialists years of experience should come in. If they have done hair extensions for many years they should have the perfect application down to a fine art.

Full service:

You would be surprised how many hair extension technicians or salons don’t actually offer a full service. By this we mean having your hair colour matched, washed, blowdried, the hair extensions fitted, hair extensions cut in and blended in to your hair and then styled and finished.
Most clients want a VIP Service when getting hair extensions and we are quite sure that the client is going to want to get everything done in one place with this VIP service. They want to be looked after from start to finish.

The finest quality hair:

It’s so vital that the technician uses the best possible hair extensions. This will dictate the pricing structure and the quality and life span of the clients hair. One of Louise Baileys favourite hair extensions is diamond quality Russian tape in hair. The hair will remains soft and silky throughout the time that it in the clients hair and can be retaped up to 3 times. This makes this also a nice cost effective choice.

Louise Bailey is one of the renowned names in the hair extension industry like few others. She serves areas like London and Essex working for some prestigious salons based centrally in Mayfair and Knightsbridge. So if someone says “I am looking for a hair extension specialist near me” then there are possibilities that he can get few of the names including of Louise Bailey.