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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Drive Into Monte Vista For Your Holidays

Monte Vista, known for its beautiful history, adventurous spots and retro experiences, is a must-visit place at lease once in your lifetime. Group your friends together or, have your family agree to explore the town that is seated in the heart of Colorado. For those of you who love food, this experience is something to look forward to. A delectable spread is awaiting you!

That's not all though, this beautiful town in Colorado is home to a drive-in theatre that offers you two ways of watching movies on a big screen – from your car or the hotel room.

How does this work this summer season? Great, I'm sure! The snack bar alongside is open for wonderful and freshly-made popcorns, fountain drinks and a choice of candies. To add to your experience, the theatre also offers you a choice in what movie to see.

It's not too far either! You travel two miles into the highway, and you hit the front door of the drive-in theatre monte vista. A two-storey hotel, it is definitely your place to eat out of the bed, and watch your favorite movies while feeling the chills of the wind. There is a screen in your room. Speakers are provided in the room, so that you can clearly hear movies.

If you wish to watch it from your car, the speakers can be connected to your car's radio. You'll have to set a radio channel for being able to hear it clearly. Don't forget to ask the channel number when you buy movie tickets.

The movies start in the evening; so, it's recommended to be there early in order to park your car at a great spot from where you can easily see the screen. It's available on first come first serve basis. However, for an enhanced experience, it's ideal to book an accommodation and watch movies from your hotel room.

The hotel not only serves your interests and preferences but also features a huge open playground. So, if you're traveling with children, they can play and socialize with other guests of their age. They will make friends and burn off a little energy before they settle in to watch a movie with you.

Since 1955, the Movie Manor Monte Vista has been entertaining people and enhancing the experience of the movie goers. The main reason for its popularity is the customer experience, and being a family-owned business, it does know how to make you feel good. They understand what it takes to offer a secure, comfortable and home-like environment to guests, especially when they are traveling with children.

So, booking an accommodation will be a great idea. The rooms offer excellent view of the mountains and are equipped with all basic amenities. The idea is to offer guests a comfortable yet unique experience at pocket-friendly prices. If you're traveling in peak season, we suggest you to book your room in advance. Early birds get accommodations with great views. Enjoy your favorite movies in the evening and explore scenic attractions in the day time.