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Sunday, 13 May 2018

Difference Between Traditional And Self-Publishing

Writing a book is a difficult job. Taking it to the world is a greater challenge

Many authors end up in the cycle of sending manuscripts and getting rejected after months of scrutiny without any significant feedback or reason. This old way of publishing a book is now facing tough competition from authors choose to publish a book by themselves.
Welcome to the world of self-publishing. In this new process you can take control of the entire publishing journey and decide critical features of your book like cover design, interior design, release date, distribution and marketing. The services need investments but in return authors get to publish their books the way they want and when they want.
In traditional publishing,authors job is done once writing is complete. The publisher takes care of the designing, distribution, marketing and pricing. Author gets fame but receives a very small amount of royalty on the copies sold. On the contrary, when authors choose self-publishing they take up the responsibility of the book. From designing to pricing they decide every critical factor and play a major role in promotional campaigns.
Before you choose between the two options to publish your book take-a-look at the important factors that speak about the differences between the two.

Time of release

It can take you years to publish a book in the legacy old model. Finding a literary agent, a publisher, making changes according to recommendations is a tiring process and publishers remain reluctant to accepting new authors. If you choose to publish by yourself, you can see your book in stores within a month. Publishing your book as early as you complete writing it makes more sense because you remain relevant to the market. Once you get delayed your audience might not be able to relate.

Control over story line

Old publishing companies enjoy the privilege of making changes according to their wish, taking away control of author over the story. They can force you to make changes in characters, story line in small amount of time. The good news is that when you decide to publish your book by yourself you retain 100% control over the story line. The publisher stays away from what you want to say and how you want to say in your book.

Design and Price

Your dream of having a cover design of your choice, price of your wish of your book is not in your hands once you decide to publish with conventional publishers. You will receive a cover design you may not like; the price may be too high or too low and you won’t have anything to say about it. However, in self-publishing you can communicate directly with designers and express the kind of cover design you have imagined for you book. You can also discuss with the publishing consultant about the final price of your book.


This is one parameter where conventional publishers enjoy an upper hand. Getting published may look tough, but once done your book will be available in majority of bookshops around. Sales representative of the publisher takes the responsibility of making your book available in bookstores. When you choose to publish by yourself, you can get your book available on most of online stores and the book is delivered by print on demand technology.

Marketing and Promotion

Book promotion requires consistent efforts and its draining, but it’s worth it. You can make your book visible to maximum audience through promotions and increases sales of your book. In the old publishing model, the publisher takes the responsibility of the promotions, but authors do not have a say in the structure of the campaigns or the investments made. In self-publishing authors can opt to intensify the promotion campaign by additional investments, participate strategically and monitor the performance of the campaign. Our guide book details everything you should know about becoming a successful author.
Choosing between the publishing process is also depends on interests of authors as well. If you want to get instant fame and let only publisher take care of promotion, traditional publishing is your choice. But if you want complete control over the publishing process and decide critical aspects of your book, self-publishing is your choice.