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Tuesday, 22 May 2018

5 Tips To Visit Florence

All the art, the culture and the history surrounding the city makes Florence probably the most enchanting city of all times. Here’s a handy guide and suggestions to make your trip to Florence unforgettable. 

Many of the artworks for which Florence is known all across the world were commissioned to embellish and adorn churches and family chapels. This means that were in Florence it’s necessary to visit at least some of the churches. Here’s the churches and chapels you should absolutely include in your itinerary:
  • ‘’Santa Maria Novella’’ 
  • ‘’Santa Croce’’
  • The ‘’Duomo’’ 
  • ‘’Brancacci’s chaple’’
  • ‘’San Miniato a monte’’
  • ‘’San Lorenzo’’
  • ‘’Ognisanti’’
Florence has a large number of museums and art galleries. In the ranking of the 15 most visited Italian art museums, a third is represented by Florentine museums… just as a reminder!
Keep in mind that during the first Sundays of the month almost all the museums of the city have a free access. Furthermore skip line services are useful to optimize your time. Here’s a handy list of the museums you must see:
  • ‘’Galleria degli Uffizi’’
  • ‘’Galleria dell’Accademia’’
  • ‘’Palazzo vecchio’’
  • ‘’Palazzo Pitti’’
  • Dante and Buonarroti’s houses
3) WALK!
As I said before, Florence is plenty of monuments, artworks and so many other things that often you don’t know where to begin! Exploring the city on foot will include the view of hidden treasures that you would have probably never noticed in any other way. You must take a look at:
  • ‘’Giardino delle rose’’
  • ‘’Ponte vecchio’’
  • ‘’Piazzale Michelangelo’’
Surely you can’t go wrong with the food in Italy! Florence has its specialities regarding food too. We suggest to taste:
  • ‘’Bistecca alla fiorentina’’
  • ‘’Ribollita’’
  • ‘’Lampredotto’’
  • ‘’Pappa al pomodoro’’
  • ‘’Cantucci’’
  • ‘’Gelato’’
The Florence airport is located in the ‘’Novoli’’ area, just outside the city. It is therefore relatively close to the city center: travel times can range from 15 minutes to more than an hour, depending on traffic.
Public transport within Florence works fairly well. To move around the city you can use buses, tramway, trains (the main station is‘’Santa Maria Novella’’).

Visiting Florence by car can be nerve-wracking, if you do not take some adjustments such as leaving the car in the surrounding areas of the center, or in a paid parking lot downtown.

The center of Florence is perfect to visit on foot or by bike. You can rent them in the city for even a few hours.

A suggestion from us, to make your trip to Florence more comfortable and less chaotic, is to book a private taxi at fixed price. They have a wide range of cars, with the permits to travel in the limited traffic zones (ZTL), avoiding traffic.